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How Credit Auto Express Works

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Our online quick approval application only takes 2 minutes to fill out. We only ask the important questions which will get you approved, without asking anything too personal.

Get approved will get you approved for a vehicle, regardless of your credit situation. Even if you have bad credit, or are starting from scratch and have no credit, we will get you approved with the best interest rate.

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We have a very large inventory, so picking a car is easy. Whether you want a modern sedan, a luxurious SUV, a powerful truck, or a van for the entire family, we have a car for you.


Now comes the fun part. After you have submitted your application, gotten approved, and picked your car, it’s time to drive off with your new wheels.

WHY Credit Auto Express?

Many options exist for getting a car loan, but we stand out from the competition. We work relentlessly towards obtaining your ultimate goal of buying a new car without spending more than you have to.

Do you need more reasons to get a car loan from Credit Auto Express?

We are fast

Filling out our online quick approval form only takes a few minutes. After you have finished entering your information, you will receive a call shortly after to go over the next steps. Same day approvals happen all the time!

It's Free

Getting a vehicle through has always been, and will continue to remain free. There are no hidden fees or obligations after filling out your application.

We make things Easy

All you need to do is fill out the application form, and we will match you with the most optimal lender. It’s that easy... we do all the leg work so you don’t have to. Our goal is to make your new vehicle purchase as stress free as possible.

High Approval rates

All applications are accepted. Even if you have bad credit or even no credit at all, we will work to get you driving. Almost everybody is approved, regardless of their past credit history.

Optimal interest rates

One of our goals is to save you money, which means finding you the best interest rate. Some lenders will offer crazy interest rates because of a poor credit history, but we will work to find you a rate that is fair and affordable.

Your information is secure

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, protecting your information becomes increasingly important. Our web servers are top of the line with the best security measures in place to make sure your personal details do not fall into the wrong hands.

Huge Selection

No matter where you live, we have a solution ready to give you a vehicle everywhere in Quebec Province. We have the largest selection representing every model of car imaginable.

We work with you

You will be updated every step of the way when it comes to your application and approval process. We take pride in our customer service, and aim to please you. We want to make sure you are making the best informed decision when it comes to buying your new car.

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